Le Parc
Chengdu, Sichuan

Le Parc
Chengdu, Sichuan

Le Parc is a large scale mid-range residential development, located in the south of Chengnan district, Chengdu.

The design of the apartment blocks is thoroughly modern, from the simple lines, large open windows, and the warm material color palette, to the large lantern-like penthouses and roof features crowning the towers.

Hand-in-hand with the forward-looking contemporary aesthetic, the idea of introducing greener living is also a key theme for the development. Apartment blocks are located carefully so that each flat is ensured abundant amounts of sunlight. In the interstitial spaces created between each tower, pocket parks provide shady landscaped areas for residents and some even incorporate a running stream flowing between the buildings, providing unique views to each unit. Furthermore, the number of roads are minimized and consolidated to a limited number of main avenues, which allows extra pedestrian pathways and landscaping and enhances the idea of a greener and healthier neighborhood.

Start Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2011
GFA: 745,354 m²

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